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Try something DARING!

Daring ideas abound at Kinky Weekend. Maybe sex at work, sex outside, role play, dogging and much, much more!

Dare You?

Try something EXCITING!

Different things excite different people, of course, but you won’t be stuck for lots of ideas that will excite you.

Excite Me!

Try something KINKY!

What’s “kinky” to you is “normal” for someone else and that’s fine! Find out about all sorts of kinky fun that suits you!

Get Kinky!

Try something TABOO!

Keep it legal and always consensual, but there are lots of ways to live out your “taboo” fantasies!

Could I? YES of course!

Try something NEW!

Even for the kinkiest person, who’s done lots of naughty stuff, there’s always plenty to learn! So, stay awhile and have a good look around.

New and Naughty!

Try something LIFECHANGING!

Yes, experiencing some new sexual or kinky activity really can have that effect! Some decide to lead a whole new lifestyle, based around kink.

Change My World!

Is Kinky Weekend for You?

  • Yes if you want ideas to spice up your sex life!

  • Yes if you are planning a special, naughty weekend!

  • Yes if you want to explore your fantasies!

  • Yes if you’re new to kink or an experienced kinkster!

  • Yes if you want to find out about specific kinks!

  • Yes if you want to find out about kink more generally!

Spice it UP!

  • Different PLACES!

  • Different ACTIVITIES!

  • Different PEOPLE!

  • Different ROLES!

  • Different CLOTHES!

  • Different TECHNIQUES!

  • Different TOYS!

  • Different TIMES!

Safety and Communication are SEXY!